Have you ever heard of the term Layette and wonder .. “Huh”??

As a new parent, you're likely to encounter a deluge of unfamiliar terms related to your baby. Some may be straightforward, while others may seem like a complete mystery. Unfortunately, there's no baby dictionary available to decode them all.

One term you're bound to come across as you shop for baby clothes and accessories is "layette." It appears on countless websites and registry checklists, but what does it mean exactly? And how does it relate to your little one?

So, what is a layette? Essentially, it's your baby's first set of clothing, which typically includes a few matching bodysuits and pants. However, it can be as comprehensive or minimal as you choose. Some layettes may also include extras like hats, socks, mittens, hair bows, or even toiletries such as shampoo and lotion.

There's no shortage of baby clothing sets available, and they all fall into the layette category. However, you can elevate the layette to a special gift by bundling everything together in a boxed or bundled gift set. Whether you choose four or 14 items, this makes it a perfect baby shower or homecoming present.

If you're new to the concept of a layette, here's a sample list to give you an idea of what to include (remember that a layette can be personalized to suit your needs, so this list is just a guide):

Bodysuits (4-5)

Pants (2-3)

Socks (2-3)

Mittens (1-2)

Hat or hair bow (1-2)

Pajamas (1-2)

Swaddle or receiving blanket (1-3)

Bibs (1-2)

Burp cloths (2-3)

Wash cloths (3-5)



Baby wash

Baby powder

Baby oil

Diaper cream

Cotton swabs

Teething toy

Ready to build your baby's first wardrobe? Check out some pre-built layettes that can be used as-is or mixed and matched to suit your preferences.

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