About Us

Cutie Pie Baby was founded by Simon and Sandy Yedid. In 1986, Sandy became a grandmother, and with their combined talents, they set out to create high-quality, essential, and cute baby products. Leveraging Sandy’s kind and loving nature and Simon’s strong, hard-working entrepreneurial spirit, they quickly made a name for themselves by pioneering the layette set industry with their elegant and adorable patterns, styles, and colors.

Today, nearly 40 years later, Cutie Pie Baby remains a strong family business and still adheres to those same values. It is one of the largest baby consumer goods companies in the world. The company is true to its core values and family-run roots, with a simple mission: to create safe, comfortable, and stylish clothing and accessories for infants, newborns, and toddlers. Incorporating unique prints and art that showcase the individuality of each baby while capturing that perfect photo to be cherished forever.

While Cutie Pie Baby products are available at over 60,000 retail stores, the company has listened to the voice of its customers on social media and other platforms. They are excited to make it even easier to access their beloved products. Cutie Pie Baby is thrilled to announce that its entire catalog of baby essentials and gift registry is now available online and can be delivered directly to your door within days.