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On your baby's birthday

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Referring Friends


When you refer a friend, not only do you earn a delightful 500 reward points, but you may also be on the path to cultivating a friendship that lasts a lifetime. Imagine the joy of bonding with someone over shared interests and experiences, all thanks to a simple act of referral. So go ahead and spread the love by inviting your pals to join in on the fun, because who knows, your new BFF could be just a referral away!


Sometimes, keeping secrets to yourself can be tough, especially when you have exciting news to share. But when it comes to referrals, keeping mum could mean missing out on a dose of instant good karma. So why not spread the word and let others in on the goodness?

Your friend will get 10% off on their first order

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Please note that rewards are subject to change, non-transferable, and may have expiration dates or restrictions. Additional terms and conditions may apply to earning and redeeming rewards, and participation in the program is voluntary. The company reserves the right to modify, cancel, or suspend the rewards program at any time, and is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in reward earnings or redemption.