Just before my son Raven was born in 2017, my wife's co-worker gave us a Kyle & Deena security blanket bear. This wonderful, plush blanket went immediately into the crib when he was born and became his constant loving companion! Dubbed his "huggy bear", the K&D Bear became more a friend than a blanket. Raven would carry the bear to bed, on trips, and whenever he looked for comfort. So much love was put into that bear, over time, its nose became worn off and its furn matted down. Raven genuinely loved that bear. One day, sadly, the bear was lost. My wife and I searched every corner of our apartment but could not find our son's greatest comfort. I looked to the internet, but the major resellers did not have the bear, nor did they have any clue as to when the bear would be back on the market. Unfortunately, the bear became discontinued.


Exhausted, I found Cutie Pie Baby, (the company) who had sold that exact bear. I dropped a note to the company as my last hope.  A very helpful representative greeted me, and later explained that the item had been discontinued.  To my content, they had one back in stock and would overnight it to me.


Happily, I gave them my address in order to give as a present to my son, the very next day. Raven was so excited! He could not stop hugging and kissing his cuddly bear as he thought it was lost forever.


I give my most heartfelt thank you, to Cutie Pie Baby, the company for being so helpful and generous with their reply and will graciously recommend them for all baby needs to everyone I know having babies, grand babies, nieces or nephews.


Thank you again,


J. Windham

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